Aristocratic atmosphere

December 22, 2001

Those who position her as a beloved child of classical music will make a big mistake. I wouldn’t even compare her art with the most popular jazz pianists, who treat the piano as a percussion instrument with an irreplaceable accent on the rhythm. According to her music education and degree Marina is a classical piano player, under her fingers the piano can sound with a clear tone of period of classicism, but it can take us into the world of impressionists, as well as the turbulent sounds of cascades of Liszt’s paraphrases and fantasies. In the same time she is taking us into a different style and genre…. it seams to me that Marina wants to take us into an aristocratic atmosphere, to take us from a teenager’s adoration for rock starts and their gatherings on festivals and stadiums.

Prof. Veselin Krstev, Musicologist, Sofia