Music from a war-torn nation: Playing for peace

April 4, 2004

Hillie Mahoney had tears in her eyes. Mila Mluroney was filled with pride. Several dozen Palm Beachers clustered around, transfixed as Marina Arsenijevic gave her all at the Baldwin baby grand in John and Andrea Stark’s living room Tuesday.
The opulent home offered an unusual setting for a concert. Not so long ago, Marina’s recitals in Yugoslavia were punctuated by exploding bombs, as civil was ripped her country. Now she is on a mission with Crown Princess Katherine to raise money for relief.
Belgrade-born Arsenijevic, 34, has been playing since childhood. She also sings and composes. In her couture miniskirt and high heels, she brings certain sexiness to the keyboard….and passion.
“This is my national anthem,” she said, and as she played her composition Kosovo, the piano at times seemed to leap. No wonder she has been described as the “Balkan thunderbolt”

– Thom Smith for The Palm Beach Post

The Palm Beach Post, Sunday, April4,2004