Standing Ovation for Marina’s performance

November 6, 2015

November 2, 2015

Dayton, OH


Marina was honored to be chosen to open 10th Anniversary of the International Literary Peace Award Ceremony in Dayton, OH on November 1st. It was also 20th anniversary of the historic Peace Agreement, when leaders of  Marina’s painfully divided country, former Yugoslavia, reached agreement to end the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II.

Marina performed a medley of compositions starting with the Revolutionary Etude which was Chopin’s protest to Napoleon’s invasion of Poland, followed by her own composition Balkan Suite which combines Muslim and Christian melodies and rhythms reflecting the ethnic and religious diversity of the former Yugoslavia, ending with her own arrangement of America the Beautiful, presented as Marina’s hope that the great American ideal of freedom for all regardless of race, creed or culture is finally achieved.

Marina has received long standing ovations and afterwords being congratulated by the awardees Gloria Steinem (Lifetime Achievement Award), Bryan Stevenson ( Nonfiction Winner), Josh Weil (Fiction Winner), Phil Donahue ( TV personality), Nick and Nina Clooney (Nick Clooney was  the Master of Ceremonies) among many other dignitaries and guests.

Standing ovations for MarinaMarina with Nick and Nina Clooney

Marina with Gloria SteinemMarina with Awardess,


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