Marina Speaks Out on Violence in Kosovo and Serbia

March 19, 2004

I'm only a pianist but I know that violence leads to revenge and revenge leads to more violence and then suddenly we are all caught up in a vicious cycle...

Honorary Membership for Marina

March 15, 2004

Marina became an Honorary Member of the prestigious Sigma Alpha Iota- International Musical Fraternity for Women in March 2003.

Concert Notes: The Wholenote Magazine

The idealistic young Yugoslavian pianist, Marina Arsenijevic, having experienced the horrors of civil war is trying to communicate better by innovative crossing the boundaries between musical genres. Marina's goal is...

Marina in Ford Performing Arts Center

November 14, 2003

"She looks like a Bond beauty and sounds like a Balkan thunderbolt - a pianist whose first-rate technical chops don't sterilize the emotional punch. Newly settled in the area after...

Marina in “Observer & Eccentric”

August 15, 2003

Michigan journalist interviewed Marina prior to her Meadow Brook Music Festival concert. Read more about this news by clicking on the following link

First Lady’s Luncheon

May 27, 2003

Read in Florida's News Journal about Marina's performance for the First Lady West Volusia Chatterbox by Mimi Carter Every Thursday. Washington receptions draw DeLand residents The Congressional Club in Washington, D.C., recently had its...