Tesla Spirit Award for Marina

January 13, 2015


NEW YORK — The US-based Tesla Science Foundation has handed out the traditional Tesla Spirit Awards in a ceremony in New York.

The top honor was claimed by Tesla Motors owner Elon Musk.

Musk, his company and foundation won the award “ffor their contribution to the global promotion of Tesla’s name with their luxury electric car brand and generous donations for the construction of the future Tesla Science Museum on Long Island.”

On that location more than a century ago, the Serbian-American engineer and inventor conducted his high-voltage current experiments and began the construction of the controversial, never completed Tesla Tower, designed to enable wireless transfer of electric current.

Last year, on July 10, the day of Tesla’s birth, Musk donated USD 1 million for the reconstruction of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe laboratory.

Among the winners of individual Tesla awards are the Telefonica Foundation, a non-profit branch of the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, the Long Island-based Tesla Science Centre and its president Jane Alcorn for their commitment to preserving Tesla’s scientific legacy.

Ashley Redfearn and her Tesla Curriculum also won an award, for a project aimed at introducing Tesla as a school curriculum.

The Tesla spirituality award went to the Serbian Orthodox church in New York and Marina Arsenijevic, a renowned pianist and composer of Serbian descent, for the music for the documentary titled Tower to the People.

The Tesla Memorial Award went posthumously to Nikola Radosevic for his work on preserving the truth about Tesla, while Republika Srpska-based sculptor Bojan Mikulic received an award for an original artistic design of a bronze bust of Tesla.

The awards were presented in New York’s New Yorker Hotel, where Tesla spent the last five years of his life, and the ceremony was attended by the UNESCO director in New York and Serbian Ambassador to the UN Milan Milanovic.

The 72nd anniversary of Tesla’s death was commemorated on January 7 this year, with a bust of Serbia’s and the world’s genius scientist ceremonially unveiled on January 10 in New York to mark the occasion.